Reconfigurable and Adaptive Spark Applications


Conference: The 7th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science

Authors: Bilal Abi Farraj, Wael Al Rahal Al Orabi, Chadi Helwe, Mohamad Jaber, Mohamad Omar Kayali, Mohamed Nassar


The contribution of this paper is two-fold. First, we propose a Domain Specific Language (DSL) to easily reconfigure and compose Spark applications. For each Spark application we define its input and output interfaces. Then, given a set of connections that map outputs of some Spark applications to free inputs of other Spark applications, we automatically embed Spark applications with the required synchronization and communication to properly run them according to the user-defined mapping. Second, we present an adaptive quality management/selection method for Spark applications. The method takes as input a pipeline of parameterized Spark applications, where the execution time of each Spark application is an unknown increasing function of quality level parameters. The method builds a controller that automatically computes adequate quality for each Spark application to meet a user-defined deadline. Consequently, users can submit a pipeline of Spark applications and a deadline, our method automatically runs all the Spark applications with the maximum quality while respecting the deadline specified by the user. We present experimental results showing the effectiveness of our method.


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